Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Sorry for the botch in the original post and thanks to those that drew my attention to my snafu.
As megaupload was refusing to cooperate with my today, I resorted in this one instance to using one of the other crappy hosts (in this case sharebee) for the second, non-rapidshare link.


Ian Zamboni said...

I've run across issues with megaupload, rapidshare AND mediafire lately, and have switched to multiupload. Multiupload mirrors your upload on several different sites at once, it's pretty good for now. No, I don't work for them.

Anonymous said...

Rapidshare and Megaupload are pretty much equally useless these days, with Rapidshare requiring that you sign up for "premium service" to download ANYTHING. Mediafire has been pretty good so far. Thanks for all the great, rare posts.

paul said...

Yeah RS is useless now. I second Mediafire- recently the most reliable.

marram62 said...

Is it possible to re-up Pierre Henry & Urban Sax - Paradise lost (vinyl) (1982 france)? BTW, great job on your awesome blog!

Much thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello, wonderfull collection here. Tanx a lot.
Maybe you'll recognize this group ?????:
extreme lossy quality from an old tape i recorded from the radio around 1983
There was one other song with that same voice and maybe some electronics on an other tape that died an was lost before the 90's
Since i've never find anyone who knew it!
Voice sounds a little bit like in"the Great Pretender" of Brian Eno ...

I hope you already knew and enjoy it in a better audio quality and you let me know where to find it.

Some more thanxs

Anonymous said...


From a google search based on the lyrics of the song, it seems that the song you're looking for is by "The The", it's called "Time Again For The Golden Sunset", from the album "Burning Blue Soul" (1981)

More info about that band here :

Anonymous said...

I hope Jim is okay. HIs next few days have turned into 3 weeks.

turgut said...

Please update SilverainTR link with:

Keep on sharing friends..

Anonymous said...

electronic music mutants:


Enjoy it

Passikon said...

WAAOUUUW this is it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Than you got the absolute power to google the lyrics !!! i'm impressed !!!
It ends 27 years of non-stop searching !!!
and i knew "the the" since the 80's !!!
My favourite was the track named "thethe" on the compilation "some bizarre album" but i could never have recognized that voice...
Later albums are completely different.

I just begin to be a blogger too:
things there are gifts for you.

Tooooo coooool