Thursday, January 21, 2010


Following my posts of Richard Skelton's hauntingly lovely string based drone works under the guises of Caroussel and A Broken Consort, here's another piece of his bewitching puzzle, the Harlassen moniker being deployed for the work of his that both rubs up against the edge of structure and conventional "prettiness" perhaps a tad more than work under his other aliases and which seems to accumulate a greater density of his lovingly arranged pluck/stroke motion.

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Unknown said...

You definitely have a wonderful site, in the top 5 easily, thanks for all yr descriptions of the bands, most I dont know, which is fun, as for requests: a studio version of Busted Statues(Boston, mid 1980s) song, 'Allure' I would love to hear/ also from Boston, a 7 inch I once had by Production Club called, "Excitement"(circa 1983-4) and lastly, the lp by Cipher, from California circa 1982-3seewhat u can do ,thanks again for a great site, I am Will at

Unknown said...

I had a great moment while listening to John Peel, 9 years ago, I heard him play Caroussel - he then gave out the email address (Richard had sent him a home-made recording). I then got in touch with Richard and had some nice exchanges with him. He over the years has send me completely personalized recordings with my name and a serial number. Amazing guy, amazing music. I have some stuff I can upload...