Thursday, January 21, 2010


A top notch left field compendium covering a wide swath of experimental sonic praxis from the era, from the passel of minimal synth poppers that emerged during this period via the post-industrial music network ala X-Ray Pop, Algebra Suicide and No Unauthorized to baleful post-industrialism from Maria Zerfall, Null and Maybe Mental and peachy keen bursts of inscrutable otherness from the likes of H.N.A.S. and Jean Luc Charlier Et Son Orchestre, with a particularly choice bit coming from the collaboration of Controlled Bleeding with Art Barbeque, which sounds like Caroliner caught in the gears of Esplendor Geometrico's heavy machinery, though thanks but no thanks to the otherwise fab John Oswald for his slowed down tape of pig slaughter...

Track listing:

A1 Algebra Suicide - Little Dead Body Poem
A2 Controlled Bleeding & Art Barbeque - Untitled
A3 Human Flesh & Viscera - ... In Your Life Full Of Screams
A4 Staubsauger (2) - Frühstück, Fernsehen, Schlafen
A5 John Oswald - 1/2 Speed Of Pig Slaughter: 'I Don't Want To Die!'
A6 Maria Zerfall - Der Schnitter
A7 Psycodrama - Into The Groove, Then Into The Grave
A8 No Unauthorized - Suicidez-Moi Pas!
A9 Maybe Mental - Witness
A10 France Douce & Abortions, The - Abort Yourself
A11 Ich, Er Und Die Andern Zwei - Mutti Macht Schluß
A12 H.N.A.S. - Ich Bin Ja...
B1 Ampzilla's Delight - Desperately Seeking Suicide
B2 Borbetomagus - Chatanooga
B3 Swallowed Cry, The - Paralysis
B4 Null - Killing God
B5 Algebra Suicide - Please Respect Our Decadence
B6 Hybryds - The Willing Victim
B7 X-Ray Pop - Oh Quel Supplice
B8 Mullah - Nothing
B9 Jean-Claude Charlier Et Son Orchestre - Is Suicide Worth Living?
B10 Philip Perkins - Closing The Big Deal
B11 Luc Fierens - Tape Of My Suicide (+- 3 Min.)
B12 Die Form - Suicide Party

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roger said...

hello,your blog was one of the first that i came across couple of years ago. glad your still going. hope the best for you. you have shared greatly. my friend and i have been looking for a german group called real ax band, do you know of them? thank you for the kickbit, have been enjoying it. you have vast knowledge of this music scene, my hope rests with you. God bless you and your blog and all thoes who visit.

vdoandsound said...

roger-I've only heard of their name, but know nothing at all really about them. Sorry to disappoint. Thanks for the nice words, though!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one! The full title of the H.N.A.S.-track is "ich bin ja besser als ich dachte" (seems I'm better than I thought), it is included on the cd-reissue of "The book of Dingenskirchen" with the full title.

Anonymous said...

thanks! do you know the old tapes of maria zerfall? for me the m.z. track is the best on this compilation... great cold voice

Anonymous said...

and the compiler and now label owner is professor at munich university, teaching strategic marketing or so...

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this fantastic compilation for those who doesn't know it yet..

Anonymous said...



"american hallucination(program one)"

*the altered states of the united snakes.

Anonymous said...

are u open to submissions of mp3 albums by bands (relevant music styles)? how can i contact u?


Anonymous said...

I recall trotting out the phrase 'marshmallowy bloop balloons' in an old review I wrote about his CD "Folding Pineapple" (coming soon) to try to characterize the peculiar faded pastel weirdity of Thomsen's woozy tunes and this atmosphere dominates much of the proceedings here to be sure, but this particular CD of Thomsen's (the first of many I'll be posting) has a specific ace in the hole absent from his other recordings that made this seem like an optimal point of entry for the uninitiated... like some cough syrup-induced Krofft Superstars fever dream, this is music for sleestak dance parties.

re: steve thomsen 'restrospective 2 & 3', now 18 comments & countless re-up requests strong:

it does appear that z-share is now crapping out. Yikes! I'll get this and the handful of other titles I've used z-share for re-upped soon using sharebee

Dualtrack said...

Mutant Sounds has always been one of my regular stops. It delivers the goods as very few can.

Michaelsoftman94 said...

Hey Mutant Zoundz, if you weren't such a rip off artist, I might like you.

Anonymous said...

is jim still alive???

Anonymous said...

I dont no why over 3 years link of ALCO stay and this is not ALCO???Remove that links!Thanks ! WAL

Anonymous said...

yea if u weren't such a rip off artist[zingular] u might even post steve thomsen, instead of ALCO? luv yaz, but fer reals where's 'a profitis rip' been hiding at? he pops his lil dome up now & again on soulsneak. ALCO! oh & continuo never disirved it!

Mercy Snack said...

Thx a lot for this.