Sunday, January 10, 2010


Bloody amazing and completely forgotten, this Downtown NY guitarist/electronic artist issued a string of three related gems on the German Dossier imprint (the next two forthcoming shortly) during a compressed block of time in the late 80's, popped up on a few Elliott Sharp discs in the 90's and then seemed to disappear completely. This first part of the series (the follow up to Fulton's debut opposite Sharp on the album Hara) featured contributions from the orbit of improvisors and out-rockers associated with Sharp's Carbon ensemble and Zoar imprint, including Sharp himself alongside drummer Robert Previte, keyboardist Wayne Horvitz and bassist David Hofstra, all providing the grist for Fulton's Fairlight mill, the component parts being elastically warped and hibachi chopped into expressive mosaics somewhere between the corrosive clangorousness of Carbon and the whimsically discombobulated warpage of The History Of Unheard Music and The Freshly Wrapped Candies.

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Anonymous said...

yes, more totally obliterated by time greatness from dossier please! all contempo-revivalism seems narrowly focused on chrome when there's shit-tons more on that label to exhume. you're so smart. thanks

ushaped said...

an absolute revelation - thanks alot!

mrgloom said...

all links are broken((