Thursday, January 21, 2010


The second installment of this Downtown NY guitarist/electronic musician/Elliott Sharp associate's trifecta of related releases on Dossier, though this one and the final installment that'll follow with my next posts are absent both Sharp and the coterie of improvisors associated with him that were present on the first part, Like Chignik. No idea what the backstory is on his fellow travellers here but the inspired racket that's being kicked up needs no preconditions. Expect scabrous guitar patterns to chatter and churn in asymmetrical strange loops inside a spin cycle of sampler-deployed electronic malarky and miasmic swarms of glutinous sonic mucilage.

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Anonymous said...

someone has to say it. what a fukin inspirational write-up! dang mang. maybe that'll grab the heads that otter know bout this great artisan. steve thomsen knows, it was the primary inspiration for folding pinocle er farting pineapple i mean, or so i'm told.

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-thank ye, but as far as the continuing campaign to have me post Steve Thomsen's Folding Pineapple (which I agree is the most essential one), unfortunately that one's still available from at least three European sources at the moment. If and when they go out of stock, count on it appearing here.

øשlqæda said...

touche, i guess. does seem a rather ridiculous reason as the album is utterly out of print & seemingly condemned to obscurity at this point. i mean really tho, chances are these dist-euros in question prolly won't 'go out of stock' on that particular title until someone actually hears the thing or our boy esteban gets more exposure somehow, which ain't likely to happen since he posts up in his log-cabin for years at a time. by virtue uv this fine blog i thought perhaps u might continue the campaign uv thy own hand which was lovingly initiated two years but woefully neglected somewhere in the follow thru. please don't get me wrong, it's w/ luv that i postulate that in addition to getting us wet for molding pineapple u did further proclaim that retrospective 2 & 3 would find a permanent home on a file sharing service less janky than zshare or whatevs they was formerly hosted upon. on a side note there's a copy of folding pineapple on ebay uk for a few measly pounds to boot. i suppose i just fail to see the correlating conditional relevance, but no matter! i totally didn't get quantum engineering or yoga until i hit my twenties. thanks for all the great music u actually do post, anyway & those fukin killer write ups