Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Monster caliber fusion from this hunched over ivory tickler and his crack crew, which includes drummer Don Alias and a very early outing from the Brecker Bros on horns, predating their much slicker inclinations on late 70's fusion hits. This kicks off squarely in the mode of Nucleus circa Solar Plexus, with half-speed horn flows elegantly rippling across a racing groove undercurrent and repeatedly returns to this rich well on subsequent tracks in a manner simpatico with Belgians jazz rockers like Placebo and Solis Lacus, though tempered by an occasional smoky lounge groove vibe akin to The Lyman Woodard Organization.
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Anonymous said...

Superb recording! Wish this was out on cd I like it THAT much.

Brecker brothers fit into the recording like a glove and tons of Rhodes piano makes this a classic 70s neo-fusion gem.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch! Had no idea this existed!!! And thanks for all your much appreciated efforts for reviving (almost) forgotten and otherwise non-accessible stuff...

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! And thanks for making a lot of obscure music available.

Would it be possible to get a better scan of the back cover, to make the text readable?