Sunday, August 29, 2010


Together with folks like Arnaud Rodrigues and Azymuth, Marcos Valle was one of the premier exponents of advanced musical formulations coming off a related but distinct Samba/Bossa-influenced tip to the more well known Tropicalia crowd. Vento Sul was Valle's crowning achievement of this period and finds him being backed by prog rockers from the band O Terco. The exquisite end results are worthy of the dream-like cover imagery, taking the dewily lilting and hip swaying indigenous musical aspects of Valle's work and cross-pollinating them with the sorta fathoms deep acid rock exotica you'll hear in the grooves of a Traffic Sound or Malon album and the aching and keening emotional heft of prime era Franco Battiato when he's in song form mode.

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litlgrey said...

Sounds great - cross-posted to Facebook!

Anonymous said...

yes, this is the most experimental Valle album in that period.. folk-psyche with melody touch in which is unbeatable

Oozlum said...

I like S/T discovered way back on loronix. Thanks for 1972 LP!

Anonymous said...

check out Selva de pedra OST and Garra... must have for brasilian music fans


Anonymous said...

I could listen to Voo Cego forever.