Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Drifting in and out of focus on striated layers of twinkling and droning esoterica, This Phrase Appeals To You is another evocative stab at the eternal cosmic sublime from the sector of the UK freak folk scene aligned with the likes of Ben Reynolds and Ashtray Navigations' Phil Todd; this particular project being spearheaded by their regular associate Andy Jarvis and featuring his sis Mikarla on vocals. Under the banner of Sculptress, this crew unfurl bleary rounds of horsehair scrape and harmonium wheeze offset by spare improvisational tactics, the sum total carrying more than a little whiff of 70's Swedish underground musical traditions.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent music. The 2nd track is a mind boggle.

Thank you for this discovery.

Anonymous said...

If you like this, I still have some copies left of the 2nd (and even better) Sculptress CD-R, a CD-R by side project Saboteuse and an LP by the pre-Sculptress band (with me in it) called A Warm Palindrome - please email for info - many thanks PHIL

Anonymous said...

Bless You My Son! Thank you Thank you!

Ye who tampers with the 7th seal
shall suffer, lest ye make a deal

GRK. said...

Hiya Andy! Hiya Mel! Hiya Phil!