Monday, August 16, 2010


Bootlegged from cassette and live sources by the cats behind the Dolor Del Estamago (formerly Stomach Ache) imprint, this fantastic and highly obscure early 80's slobbering free rock/free noise melee was brought to you courtesy of a loosely aggregated outfit led by Jon Wayne/3 Day Stubble nutter, future Medicine drummer and occasional Whitehouse associate Jim Goodall. Known (if at all) from having been documented in warts and all fashion on the notorious D.U.I. video comp of early 80's L.A. underground fare, a goodly bit of this sounds like a precursor to much of the detuned sludge rock that would become rife during the latter half of the decade via the likes of The Butthole Surfers or Crust on one end and labels like Amphetamine Reptile on the other; with the bemused nihilism and atonal caterwaul of Flipper being the best period touchstone for what's transpiring here.

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Anonymous said...

Fucking brilliant! A million times thanks for posting this chunk of 80s-era angelino weirdness


DP magazine said...

woaah, I thought it's something I missing from Severed Heads ;) but I think that I should listen it too ;) Thanks!

Anonymous said... still has a stack of these apparently.

this is really the greatest rock band that ever happened on earth. i heard them through the Mike Watt released "Mighty Feeble" comp for the first time and was amazed at how messed up it was with all the effects going on in the background with the drums in the front.

Anonymous said...

still in print. apparently has piles of these.

vdoandsound said...

Brutal Sound Effects operate Dolor Del Estamago as a bootleg label almost by definition. If they've gotten the rights to reissue this material, it'd certainly be one of the precious few times where they have gone about operating their label legitimately. That said, if anyone cares to proffer evidence that this, unlike a hundred other of their reissues is actually authorized, I'd be more than happy to pull it.


Anonymous said...

How quaint and charming! This features two ex-roommates of mine, Jeanne Lind Huffman, and Brad Laner.

Plus, the photo of the man is a photo of one of my other roommates' dad, Clem Montijo.

Anonymous said...

Unless you decided to pull this (understandable), is there any chance of a megaupload link? ... and, while you're at it, a long sharp device to skewer everyone at rapidshare?

Jason Matthews said...

For fans of de tuned noise I recommend my new favorite band...
K.K. Rampage

Seriously check it.