Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Seems that in my exhaustion, I inadvertently re-posted an Iskra LP that Jim had already put up on MS long ago, though with the unexpected and happy knock-on effect of replacing a problematic original link. Anyway, that being the case, I've decided to offer one further share (below) for this go 'round to make up for the redundancy.


mopif said...


i don't know you at all, but i have been a devoted follower of your blog.

i can't explain how much i appreciate u.

my email is nytyly@gmail.com
i'd like to interview u for my blog.
thats some metaphysical shit right there isn't it....
i'm going to blog about a blogger.... now if another blogger picks it up....and it keeps going. we may break the internet.

i'm natalie &
i send you peace, bunnies and cupcakes

Anonymous said...

free dope and fucking in the streets?.....next election I vote Mutant Sounds...

FACO said...

Hello from Argentina, I'm facundo, years ago I was interested in your blog q my friend showed me, I write because I like to listen to this compilation of tracks of 2007 tryfex, he is the q showed me your blog, and you loved it a while ago left the land to move to another level, q feel your music is beautiful and would be very nice that many people listen.
I leave here the link to download the album from 07


my contact is facukaraso@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hello mutant, you have teaches me so much on music in the past 6 years. Many thanx. rest and you will be remember until the end of time. Your are an immense influence on music loving.

Luv u

François-Mathieu Hotte, Québec, Canada

zamre said...

extra post..
Zamre Wahab