Monday, March 21, 2011


Whether as a member of Vapaa, (Kheta) Hotem or under the his solo or ensemble banners, Keijo Virtanen has long been one of the artists we're flown a flag for here on MS and this epic double disc set exhibits his most sense-expanding tendencies. Offering up Virtanen's muse in both solo and group settings, this set initiates with Keijo's solo efforts on Unfolding Emptiness, which unfurl at a lovingly glazed pace, with vibrating filaments of string scrape and pluck slowly coiling their way though a hookah haze of wobbly twinkle and organic subterranean clatter over which technicolor geysers of delicately tweaked synth juice periodically jet. Joined by his brother Sami (whose project Mosaic Antenna I've also shared) and another frequent sparring partner in the form of Juri Joensuu for disc 2, Decomposing Dawn and Dew opts for a decidedly less tranquil stance overall; to wit, it' contains some of the harshest material that I've heard the normally more low key Keijo commit to tape, with threadbare exoskeletons of pluck and scrape escalating into intensive cascades of shearing clatter that border on the post-industrial.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a password for this download?

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-no idea why you're being prompted for one, as we have never and will never use them with our posts here.

Anonymous said...

Hi vdoandsound - I downloaded the zip file again from Megaupload. When I extracted the contents, I received a message: "File: 'Keijo Friends-Decomposin..." is password protected. Please enter the password in the box below." Not sure if this helps but every file I downloaded today from the latest set of blog entries on Mutant Sounds required a password whenever I attempted to extract from a .zip file.

Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S a cover!

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