Monday, March 21, 2011


One of the earliest shots over the bow for both the French underground music scene and one of it's most formidable movers, the Gallic grand old man of the outwardly bound Jean-Pierre Massiera, whose subsequent releases from the late 60's to the early 80's have marked this producer/arranger/conceptualist as one of the cornerstone figures within the history of French musical radicalism; Massiera having been the driving force behind legendary left field acts like Les Maledictus Sound, Horrific Child, Visitors and Venus Gang. This little known unit's sole outing was issued during the same year as his far better known Les Maledictus Sound LP and offers up a similarly dada-detourned incursion into pop psychedelic song arrangement, only with barnyard antics replacing the grand prix and haunted house settings of Les Maledictus Sound, as buzzsaw fuzz beat psych tendencies compete with mooing cows, chansons and episodes of spluttering gibberish.

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TacticalGrob said...

Didn't know about this and keen to hear it, but file asks for a password when unzipping. Can you help?

the saucer people said...

What a strange synchronicity...I have been looking for this ever since I heard the 'Le Tube De L'Annee' track on the wonderful Mucho Gusto JPM compilation "Psychoses Freakoid" though for some reason the track was now called "Il Tubo Dell'anno" (if anyone can explain the change of title I would love to know!)...the same track also appeared on the Finders Keepers compilation Midnight Massiera with the "new name" as well...weird huh!

Anyway, after hearing that track I finally managed to find another track from the EP, the 'Ma Charette Est Malade, Mon Cheval Est Cassé' one on a French 60s garage compilation except for the fact this was now called 'Ma Charette Est Malade'! (I think I get this one..when you look at the cover there are alternative spellings for this track!...very avant-garde for 1968 (I was going to say very poststructuralist but the concept was just been given birth to in this year!)...if anyone knows any other reason why there are two different titles for the same track I would love to know!

So..the saga continues..I finally come across a rip of this single posted at the sublime Moogsensations (I think it was his first post in 2006 or 2007!) but the four tracks are in a single file and I was going to finally put it through Audacity this week and chop the files up then Mutant Sounds comes along and posts the entire single in separate rips! and what a fucking quality rip it is!

This is uber-rare Massiera territory and almost impossible to find, I award Mutant Sounds a great big cosmic gold star for this one!

ps> isnt that the greatest cover..JPM serenading a cow!

vdoandsound said...

TacticalGrob-We never use any passwords on our files here on MS. I honestly have no idea why you're being asked for one, as it appears that others are readily able to open this file.

Holly said...

Thank you _very_ much.

musique said...

Very cool! Here's lots of more from Massiera's work:

TacticalGrob said...

vdoandsound - Yes, sorry, got it to work fine now.
Many thanks for posting.

BetaboyBuffet said...

more like this pls, awesome. Tube de l'année in southern french patois, haha.

Anonymous said...

is pèossible an re-up?