Monday, March 7, 2011


If you can avoid feeling a mite wrongfooted by the rather stiff and verbose first side here, the sole album from this highly obscure kraut-y sounding Austrian crew has some very real merits, with the flip offering up an engaging side long title track suite with a wide ranging attack that factors in hard rock, sequenced space rock-y bits and somewhat Genesis-like proggy prog bits for an end result that could be compared to Nektar, Grobschitt/Eroc, Muck Groh and Tyll's Sexphonie LP.

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Anonymous said...

Danke Ich liebe Österrock!

claus said...

You may not have intended this as a tribute posting, but it actually is one, sort of: PP Zahl refers to German writer Peter-Paul Zahl who died only a few weeks ago. Zahl was some kind of idol for the '68 generation in Germany, as his anarchist and communist sympathies often got him in trouble with the law. This album was recorded during his longest stint in jail after he was caught with a gun. The album title ("All Doors Ajar") is an obvious reference to his incarceration, the "verbose" lyrics are actually some of Zahl's poems.
The members of this ad hoc ensemble did actually have a respectable background in the politrock scene: They were recruited from Germany's Oktober and Austria's Schmetterlinge (who also represented Austria in the 1977 Eurovision Song Contest!).

Anonymous said...

he's German, nevertheless...

Anonymous said...

zahl ist deutscher.
zahl is german.

Myles said...

I agree with you, that first side has all the right elements but just doesn't do it for me. The second half is great though! Interesting record.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for bringing back this very interesting album! And thanks to Claus for the background information.

Anonymous said...

Veröffentlicht: 1978.
Aufgenommen im August 1978 im Schmetter-Sound-Studio, Wien.

LP: Antagon ALP 3116 (D)

+) Meinen kultivierten Bekannten (P.P. Zahl/A. Hage) (2:57)

+) Ninguneo (P.P. Zahl/M. Iven) (22:45)

+) Alle Türen offen (P.P. Zahl/P. Robert/H. Schwarz)
1. Hinter der dunklen Seite des Mondes (4:24)
2. Zurückgebombt ... (6:40)
3. Dynamos (4:32)
4. ... in die Steinzeit (4:52)
5. Alle Türen offen (4:50)

MICHAEL IVEN Gesang/Gitarren
HANSI SCHWARZ Gitarre/Slide-Gitarre
PETER ROBERT Synthesizer/Strings/Hammond-Orgel
KALLA WEFEL Baß/12-saitige E-Gitarre
ALI HUSSEINI Schlagzeug/Percussion
WILLI RESETARITS Gesang ("Meinen kultivierten Bekannten")
aka later "Ostbahn Kurti" ;)
SCHURLI HERRNSTADT Gesang ("Alle Türen offen")

joomla developer said...

Wow, really nice album. I felt very happy to see it. Excellent it is. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Roddus said...

Wow, I see what you mean, I Came in as side 2 was playing on Itunes and was very very impressed, man these guys could rock. I went back to listen to the rest and although the 22 minute "Ninguneo" wasn't too bad once it got going and gave us a taste of what is to come, it really is not any where as brilliant as the other side of this album which is almost compulsory listening.

Excellent post.