Monday, March 7, 2011


The scowling and yowling sturm und drang kicked up by this disconsolate Greek post punk crew is fairly naked in it's Birthday Party worship. It's also a damn good bit of misanthropic amusement for the right set of ears, with scabrous guitar debris and attitudinal vocals spewed over a monolithically lumbering rhythm section, at times almost reaching an early Swans level of pylon pounding malevolence.

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Anonymous said...


liking the musical discombebopulation very much

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to mention that in the rar file you uploaded there is also the band's 12'' EP "Fun Time" included, along with "Hello Hell".

Thanks for your effort and the amazing stuff on the blog.

Dude Behind The Record Counter said...

I like it ALOT! thanks-a-million for the post.

check out:

dreams-dxt said...

greek new-wave of 80s!

spacefreak said...

Had the opportunity to witness their blistering live gigs during the 80ies. Awesome band. Sadly their guitarist/vocalist Feel Scars (and a very dear friend of mine), is no longer with us, dead by H overdose in 1993.

Anonymous said...

I emailed regarding this previously,not sure if it was missed. Been watching you guys blog for a while. I found this excellent newish blog that has ALOT of related stuff, NDW and post punk lots of comprehensive greek band discogs including Alive She Died and some odd bits from Magic De Spell etc.


Nick Williams said...

awesome record! the Greek Birthday Party!