Sunday, July 17, 2011


In conjunction with the new Polish label Niklas, I'm pleased to finally announce the imminent CD re-release of the first of Vas Deferens Organization's two collaborations with Medicine/Steaming Coils/Electric Company mastermind Brad Laner. Transcontinental Conspiracy not only marked our first collaboration with Laner, but it also contains contributions from three members of the legendary Mercury Rev (Grasshopper, Suzanne Thorpe and Jason Russo). This 15 year anniversary edition has been dramatically remastered by Vas Deferens Organization and comes equipped with both an exclusive and brand new 10 minute VDO & Laner track from 2010 called Scheming Foils and with brand new packaging design courtesy of the fine folks at Niklas, who've made this all possible.

They've described this album thusly on their site: "An absolutely must-have avant-rock classic of the 90s., one of the best albums of its kind, where advanced studio sonic experimentation meets refined influences of Faust and Can, funk, electronics, breakbeats and Dadaist humour – and results in long, crazy, multi-layered suites – a quintesence of what we are now accustomed to call post-rock…"

You can download one minute long samples in full .wav audio of three of these tracks here, to give you a better sense of its remastered sound quality and to absorb what lies in wait with the bonus track.

The official release date for this CD is July 31st, 2011. It will be available at that date to order worldwide from Polish distributors Serpent. A list of further distributors will be made available on the Mutant Sounds announcement on the day of it's official release. Wholesale and distributor inquiries should be directed to Monotype Records.

A full press release for this album can be downloaded via the above Niklas link.


Steve said...

Very great news! I love this CD. Looking forward to hearing the new track on it too-:' The re-mastered gives me one more reason to re-buy.

Anonymous said...

Nice!!!!! I Need that

Scott Stalder said...

Very Cool New Cover. Really like it.
Looking forward to this, BTW It sounds SPECTACULAR.

Joe said...

Any chance you guys can post some of those Hiroshi Nar 3'' CDr's Hello Good-Bye Studio put out a few years ago? Those things are impossible to find outside of incomplete versions of tracks uploaded to youtube.

Anonymous said...

VDO, I've an important collection to send you
Did you have a private mail ?

vdoandsound said...

hi anonymous-I just saw this message from you. I'd be very interested to hear from you. I can be reached at:
pantheonbar (at)



Dave baryhlomue said...

Very nicer remaster sound.

Anonymous said...

Can u pleaz tell me when this will be out?

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-the release date for this is July 31st, 2011.

thanks for the interest,


Charles Hoffman said...

blast, I can't get that Serpent site to come up.

Adam said...


I am a regular reader of this blog and I have a potentially fantastic addition for you to check out. Origamibiro are an audio/visual group from Nottingham, UK, whose videos simply blew me away. They are an ecclectic and experimental group with a similar sound to the likes of Amon Tobin/Sigur Ros/Portishead.

I think it's about time this group got some good energy behind them and I feel your blog is very well placed to do that. Please check out their video for 'Quad Time' - an experimental loop-based contemporary piece.


I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Adam Daly