Tuesday, July 5, 2011

V/A-Ζωντανοί Στο Κύτταρο [ZONTANOI STO KYTTAPO], LP, 1971, GREECE

A cornerstone document of the Greek psych/prog scene, this live album of recordings from the Kyttaro nightclub is rife with amazement. Despina Glezou starts things off with an agreeable enough slice of West Coast psych action followed by a bit of protest folk courtesy of Damon & Fintias, but careful that the bong doesn't fall out of your hand when the resplendent beauty of Exadaktylos rolls into view with their spiraling and deeply lyrical spin on jazz rock that takes a sorta Kevin Ayers and the Whole World sensibility to delirious kraut-jammy ends. More choice kraut-like jamming (in a sort of Tomorrow's Gift mode) ensues with Bourboulia, Stella Gadedi and Dionysos Savopoulos' 10 minute opus, while elsewhere, legendary Greek psych-sters Socrates Drank The Conium weigh in with a round of blues rockin' ramalamma, Damon & Fintias return to folk you and Exadaktylos wheel back into frame for a somewhat Colosseum-like conclusion.

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Anonymous said...

I alreadyd own this. it is a great record

jimpap said...

unfortunately, Greece will never be the same again. RIP