Sunday, July 31, 2011


Damn fine and hideously rare Krautrockin' action originally privately issued by the band for their circle of friends in an edition of 85 and finally reissued by Coloured Rain (who've also issued Messr. Samrat's latter day releases) in an edition of 222 copies. I hear overtones of Gunter Schickert, Tyll's Sexphonie album and even a bit of Uli Trepte's material from the Hot On Spot/In Between split with Guru Guru. Heady company to be sure and this does fall short of some of the lofty peaks hit by those those three high water marks of the Kraut-o-sphere, but Swara's still thrown a big floppy velvet hat into the maw of the stoned immaculate with this one regardless.

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Holly said...

Sounds intriguing - thank you very much for posting!

Ryan said...

Yep, SOUNDS intriguing... But I've tried downloading it every other day since this was posted, and everytime MegaUpload crashes. Been getting everything else just fine, it's just this one I'm having problems with.

Re-upload perhaps?

Sean McNulty said...

Thanks. Great stuff!

Arizona Phossils said...

any chance of a re up? thanks for everything as always dudes!