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This flabbergasting and impossible to find minimal synth tape is one of the absolute crown jewels of of this scene, readily besting their already superb work in this vein from their far more well known self titled Vanity label LP from 1980 that Jim shared way back near the dawn of MS. On this privately issued cassette from around the same time (no idea if it precedes or follows their LP), Yoshihumi Niinuma and friends take the Trans Europa Express straight from Sky Records outfit Tyndall's doorstep to the purgatorial zones of Monoton, taffy stretching and filter fucking this template into tweakier and more dystopian shapes as they go.

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lizard johnny jewel said...

Thanks for this. Any idea why the files are tagged as track N of 14 when there are only 10 in the archive?


megaupload seems to die after about 3.5-4MB downloaded, any chance of it getting reposted? i'm really looking forward to hearing this!

soundhead said...

!!!!! WOW !!!!!

been waiting for this

immense thanks

c.patera said...

Wow, I'm completely blown away by this post.
This cassette was actually released in the early 90s (92 or 93) as part of a S.N. archival tapes series self-released on Yosihumi's Negative Emissions label. The first tape is "'80 It's Second Coming!!" (NE-1001), and the only other one I know about is "Automaticism" (NE-1005T), which features recordings from '79. That leaves at least 2(!!) tapes unaccounted for. Hope to see those some day.
I was in contact with Yosi for a while before the quake, trying to reissue his archival works on vinyl in the US. In his last email to me, he let me know that he is alive, but was living in a survivors commune with about 200 others. All of his possessions, including his original recordings, were destroyed.


vdoandsound said...

c. patera-first off, thanks for all the clarifying info here. What horrifying news about Yoshihumi! Glad to know that at least he survived though! I don't have anything available but the material from this tape and the Output Vol 1 split single (which, for the person above who inquired, was what originally occupied those other four tracks and which I'll post later as part of my alphabetical singles posts), but I *do* in fact have this in .wav audio, so this material is still salvageable for a reissue, should you still be interested. I'm gonna email you an upload of it in that format privately at the email addy on your own quite remarkable blog within a day. Thanks again...


Oozlum said...

Great music!! Thank you! Will play this for friends at RARE this weekend in Prague for sure!

Curious Guy said...

Great stuff! Sad to hear about Yoshihumi. At least he survived it.
Seems that some of these tracks were re-recorded as techno versions in 1993? Can't tell 'cos I never heard that CD before:

Anonymous said...

once again (three attempts) FREEZES/STOPS at 25.7 mb.

The Count of Al Dente said...

Downloading issues are between you and your service. I had no problems today.

Salaried Man Club said...


Anonymous said...

i love mutant sounds and i have successfully downloaded over 1000 files from here through mostly megaupload and rapidshare. that's right-over 1000.STILL this file freezes. i have tried six times to no avail. exactly how is it this is megaupload's problem? incidently all other recent uploads here on mutant sounds have been successfully downloaded by me trouble free. THIS IS A BAD FILE.

Neal said...

this one is freezing on me too. done it twice so far.

i've never had this problem before with megaupload.

rockatansky said...

I should have to say GREAT THANKS for this post. This is a great recordings and one of the most important release in Japanese techno music history. Yoshihumi is THE GOD FATHER of Japanese techno music no doubt but most Japanese doesn't know about it, Japanese old techno is always YMO for them, SO POOR. I talked with him before quake and said getting ready to recording again. But now, I just thank he is alive.

librarysounds said...

Thank you for this.

GE said...

amazing blog, thanks for all.

Can you please RE UP this great record? the link do not work well.


Thomas Kyhn said...

I'm having trouble with this one too. I've tried downloading about 15 times, every time it stops after a while.

Thomas Kyhn said...

Finally succeeded downloading (after a router restart).
Great stuff. Thanks!!

Q-bec said...

many time thanx you

time warner cable said...

Fantastic, thank you. Khahi Cloud! Money Crisis!

Salaried Man Club said...

This may be posted elsewhere on the blog...

Minimal Wave (Brooklyn, NY) was also in contact with Niinuma prior to the quake. The exchange of originals happened, however, in this case. The result of MW's efforts can be found on Automaticism (LP). It's fantastic. And, graciously, in light of the quake and Niinuma's poor fortunes, proceeds from sale of the album are donated to him. May he prevail.

c. patera - I wonder if this is the same tracklisting as the archival tape you were referring to?

c.patera said...

Salaried Man Club,

Yes, I contacted MW shortly after my comment on this post. I'm extremely happy with their Sympathy Nervous release. The fact that it's a benefit for him is wonderful.

As for the tracklisting, most of those tracks are from this release (also titled Automaticism):

"Polaroid" is, of course, from the Polaroid 7"

2 other tracks were taken from:


Atlantis Audio Archive said...

C. Patera - thanks for clarifying where these tracks are from. I had about to post No More Expo until I saw it on MS.

Does anyone know if '80 It's Second Coming has been posted yet? I've been meaning to do that one too.

c.patera said...

AAA just posted the "'80 It's Second Coming!!" tape, and it has the same tracks as the "No More Expo" cassette posted here. I think AAA's is actually the correct tape, as the song "Plastic Love" matches the lyrics, while that same track is called "Music of the S.N.-Phase 1" on the download featured here. M-S, I think you might have the "'80 It's Second Coming!!" tape mistakenly put in a "No More Expo" sleeve!

Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Here is a link to the actual No More Expo cassette:

VDO - I think your rip came from a CDR of mine, so I apologize if I mislabeled this years ago.

Anonymous said...

IDed track listing as best I can from atlantis audio's post of SN-80ISC-INSIDE JPG (that is exactly same as NE 1001T). Japanese titles 1, 2, & 3 is on Side B matched by the words so it's safe to say they are correct. As far I can tell 3 is missing. P.S. could be 1 & 2 together?

Track list: Side A:

Cabaret Voltaire
Plastic Love
Metal Beat
I am a Fan

Track list: Side B:

Room 3
Nanikaga..... (Japanese Title 1)
Anatawasuguni (Japanese Title 2)
Buthobiyo No Shiyonen (Japanese Title 3) *Missing
Omae No Yumewo Kuwu (Japanese Title 4)
Extended Time
P.S. 1
P.S. 2 *Missing (it could be P.S. 1 *missing)

Now I have new problem, that is where can I find missing tracks and NE-1002T with below listing?

Sympathy Nervous - No More Expo [Negative Emission NE-1002T](1990)
A1 - No More Expo
A2 - Music of the S.N. Phase-1
A3 - Lace Master
A4 - Unicostume
A5 - Khaki Cloud
A6 - My Favorite Patch

B1 - Money Crisis
B2 - Heart of the Sun (Roger Waters)
B3 - Pale Port
B4 - Spirit of the Bomb
B5 - Mescal