Sunday, July 31, 2011


More claustrophobic and cacamamie audio contortions from the Swiss freak fringe. I've spent some time doling out and expounding upon the doings of the berserk aktionists associated with the Schimpfluch label, including Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock and all their offshoots and accomplices. This CDR on Chocolate Monk reissues a tape compendium from their prime 90's era and offers a perfect window into this particular cabal's asylum antics, with all involved parties trafficking in a similar breed of dadaist perversity cross-cut by vectors of carnage. Who needs music when you can have a whoopee cushion filled with razors?

1. Dave Phillips-(27.11.'95)
2. Psychic Rally-(
3. Sudden Infant-Creme Catalnn
4. unknown artist-(Traditional Action)
5. Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock-(.Mist)
6. From Slutland-S.Hit
7. 3 1/2-Untitled
8. Wash Your Brains-(No. 3)
9. V + G-Untitled
10. Aliphoth-Koken Embrolsakas
11. R&G w/Peter Pervers-Untitled
12. Celeste Urech-Untitled
13. Fear Of God-My Hands Deep In Your Guts '95
14. Rudolf

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Myles said...

It's a shame how short this is. Great stuff

Anonymous said...

A full version of this is up on YouTube currently!