Wednesday, August 31, 2011


One of the latter-day manifestations from this legendary freak fringe unit led by visual art enfant terrible Mike Kelley, Swamp Gas continues to cement this crew's iconic status, a process initiated some years back via Thurston Moore's epic 4 CD boxset release of 70's era work from their archive and which continues to grow via their highly engaging and still-ongoing revived activities that ensued in the wake of that release, which this decade old album highlights in vivid detail. With Swamp Gas, we get a witches cauldron of debased wheedle, narcoleptic slurry and consumer culture regurgitation that achieves an L.A. Free Music Society-like atmosphere of corrupted whimsy by stirring this pop cultural upchuck with the biggest Smegma tipped dick in the room.

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Note: link removed at the request of DAM's Cary Loren as this CD is in fact still officially available from him. Go Here for that


Cary Loren said...

One of the cool things about the CD release is the UFO tabloid zine "Swamp Gas Gazette" packaged with the CD. It's still available from the band at: SWAMP GAS limited edition CD. Guest artists on the CD include Sun Ra (spoken word) and Violent Onsen Geisha (samples).

ricardo said...

is there a chance of a new link? thanks anyway!