Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Synapse frying probings of the transcendental beyond from a one time member of Hood turned practicing sikh and hirsute magi of the ecstatically attuned. Both volumes waste no time in pulling out every stop necessary to fling you right into the numinous clearlight of mystical awakening, with massed and striated moire patterns emerging ghost-like from the flickering weave of harmonium drone, ethnic instrument string scrape, La Monte Young bliss babble, and something that sounds like a Hebrew ham radio only to cede to glazed expanses of overlapping cloud cover that flicker and waver for 20 odd minutes at a stretch, while elsewhere, you're treated to cilia tickling expanses of electronically gurgling brooks and glinting stones descended from the Iasos/Don Robertson/Gunner Moller Pedersen school of acid fried proto-new-agey-ness, but whether you're enduring a hailstorm of lysergic maximalism or left hovering on a teased out tendril of the merest smoke, you're never for a moment unaware that your in the hands of a master.

Note: I don't have the original covers for these, but if any of you do, I'd be happy to add 'em to this post.

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Billy Jones said...

This site is awesome. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Looove this. On repeat. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This has been the soundtrack of my fall. Thank you! Post more of his stuff.

michal said...

Thanks again, I was reminded of him now due to the current unfortunate events in the suburb of Milwaukee! fuck those sick nacist bastards!