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Documenting the next phase in the development of this seminal American underground outfit, the dazzling Beefheart-ian freak rock frazzle of their archivally issued Pray For The Fred LP that showcased their recordings circa 1971-73 (and which was previously posted by moi and has now been re-upped Here ) is still very much in evidence here. Burning every bit as bright with strange energies and stranger sounds and with the tunes on this unreleased second LP (kindly gifted to us by Charles St. Lucas from this fine ensemble) buttressing the strafed remnants of said Beefheartian-isms with a newfound and and equally deformed attack that brings to mind NWW listers Bomis Prendin, this is supremely damaged sounding and essential work that just begs for a proper reissue!

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jesse inman said...

this is the wrong place to post this, i'm sure. and for that i apologize, i've been around the blog and have yet to see any submit button / any sort of e-mail to contact regarding the sharing of an album... but my search was hasty and if i passed over something, sorry.

i've recently put out my first collection of tracks, self-released. my fan base is fairly small and obscure and so i've been looking to expand into the blogosphere a bit... and this seems to be a good place for what i have to offer. is a link to the album / i should probably let it do the talking for me, as i'm not great at talking about my own tunes.
if you need any sort of idea as to what it is... sample based tracks made for an intimate listen, preferably with headphones. influenced heavily by jazz, the la beat scene, avant-garde composers, classical music and the books. the first 11 tracks are more rooted in dreamy, beautiful flowing pieces whereas the second half was made in my times of greatest despondency and as such reflect that, stuffed with dissonance and unsettling soundscapes. once again, sorry for this spam. i would have much preferred a more discrete submission through the proper channels, as i'm sure is the case with you.

i can be contacted at

thank you for your time and consideration,

Otro Mundo said...

Hey, cool blog. My band just recorded, would you be down to put our stuff up? We're called "Otro Mundo" and the tape is "Jellied." Our release show was two nights ago with The Men and Milk Music, and now we're just trying to let people know we exist. Some influences are (to state the obvious) Sonic Youth, Husker Du, Cromagnon, Throbbing Gristle, The Leaving Trains and (mostly) all of our friends bands.

Tapes can be bought for an easy 3 bux at:

They're also free on the blog or at:

This is an Ascetic House release.

Anonymous said...

freaky awesome post, diggin this band

Anonymous said...

Everything I've googled for has ended up being here. Ridiculously thorough blog you have. bravo.

Anonymous said...

thanks for more Stench Band! A question though... the tracks included in the download don't neatly match up with the tracks listed on the back cover. There are 15 tracks; cover only lists 14, which is odd. A couple of the tracks have different titles to what's on the cover, and the order is a bit muddled. The ordering is relatively easy to reconfigure, but I'm very confused about the rest. Can you please help?

Anonymous said...



We are an experimental music and video band from Mexico city. Here you can get an idea of what we do, from acoustic to electronic, I hope you are interested. We would love to present our latest album in your blog.


Jimmy Cohen

Anonymous said...

Holly said...

Thank you! And yes, any help with tracls w/b most appreciated!

Antioxidente said...

hey! check this noise shit from mexico 2009:

Chatarra criminal asesina by Melodiklasta:

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the song that is playing within the first 10 seconds of this video?
please help!!!!!

Marlon said...

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Grettings from Argentina !!

Anonymous said...

Do you think you could ask Charles St Lucas about the track title confusion, seeing as he gifted it to this blog?


Anonymous said...

Also wondering - given the lack of response - perhaps the track confusion is a deliberate fucking-with-our-heads move, a bit of a joke from Charles?