Tuesday, August 16, 2011


this first solo outing from the former string slinger for hard charging Yugoslavian proggers Smak (his next would arrive 17 years later), R.M. Točak (aka Radomir Mihailović) comes raging right out of the gate in some furious and elevated mid-zone between Italian jazzy proggers Area and Ivo Papazov's Wedding Band, though the vibe here ultimately settles into a balance between a sorta funky fusion mode and a plangently hard rock-ish and guitar heroic bluesy prog style thats very much in keeping with the sound of his primary unit. I can feel sonics links here to the likes of both France's NYL and Hungary's Omega around the time of Time Robber as well as to the more jammy end of Italian fusion like Etna and the most good time-y and straightforwardly rocked out passages of prime era Yes and Gentle Giant. Damn impressive stuff!

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Anton said...

wow I love this record. Thanks for bringin it and Tocak & smak to my attention.
I have several serbians in my office whot totally dig it and were flabbergasten i knew of him :)

litlgrey said...

Oh, man, you actually have this, and the link still works!
I just heard "Oro" which is like, a magna-prog workout of the highest order compressed into 2:30.
And the Rapidshare link even still works! Wooo!!