Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Hi All,

Wow...nice to see a virtual flood of comments suddenly appear for all the posts I've put up over the last week or so! I'd had no idea that you'd all been regularly commenting, as Blogger's system appears to have crapped out for a while and has shown no comments on any of the posts 'til a moment ago. I was starting to get a wee bit dispirited there! Anyway, I'll valiently attempt to answer as many of your questions as I can in short order. Thanks for all the kind words, folks!


kevinass said...

hello! thanks all of everything.....I prolly will have to devote an entire external drive just to yous blog....i seeks a coupla thangs, you may or may not be privvy to (emphasis on the word privvy): Thug 7" of "dad" (black eye)...flexi disc with broken limbs song that I dont remember title to, it came i think in some east coast 80's fanzine, but was essentially just counting numbers to an acoustic guitar...drunks with guns from vinyl with superior version of 'wonderful subdivision".....thanks in advance, and I continue to swoon from all you offer!

Loopy C said...

You shouldn't get dispirited for a temporary lack of comments, I mean you gave us three great collections for the thats where I went to listen! See ya for the 'Fall Collection' ;-)

Anonymous said...

You all are doing an amazing thing here!


Anonymous said...

You all are doing an amazing thing here!

vdoandsound said...

kevin-no idea about the item you speak of but please continue to swoon away nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

Marc Broude & Noisebitch - Janet Kill Machine (2008)

1 Bring Me The Head Of Nancy Broude (14:44)
2 Janet Kill Machine (14:29)
3 Cock Rock (5:42)
4 Ivan's Split Personality (9:13)
5 Kill Your Children (4:00)
6 Worthless Bitch (3:13)
7 For Children 3-12 (3:40)
8 Sometimes It Hurts (6:57)
9 Fuck Society (7:06)