Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yes....before I could even begin to re-up those last handful of titles that Xirror deleted, our hero Jussi beat me to the punch and located the cached google links for 'em! Somebody give this man an award! My next round of new posts will be up by wednesday...stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

All your hard work is very much appreciated,you have introduced me to some of the most out there music.It has been a joy to listen to your uploads,thanks for sharing all these impossible to find sounds.MUTANT SOUNDS is my first port of call when searching for new music.I don't think anywhere else comes close to echoing my passion for the weird and wonderful.
Glad you got everything sorted out,its great to see people jumping at the opportunity to help,it reaffirms the belief in the inherant goodness of human nature.
MANY THANKS chaoticreason(forgotten my password)

sword said...

Hi, can you please contact me?

Anonymous said...

Wow, glad to see the site back in order. Any chance you'll re-post the Bill Quick link?

Bassta! Pex, a.k.a. Gramofonije Plocanovic said...

early yugoslavian electronic music. extremely rarer record, unfortunately a few minutes missing due to the vinyls being warped... i thought it might be something for visiors of this great blog!

Stepping Stone said...

Hey man! your blog is great! I wanna leave an information to you, ok?! Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving so much to this blog. Its great to know people are willing to do what Jussi did, it was truly compassionate.

alberto said...

glad to see MS is back in the game

this blog is BY FAR the most incredible blog around

Cheers from the corner of the world CHILE!

keep it coming keep it coming

Burl Veneer said...

Might I suggest switching to shareonall? You get a choice of five upload sites, including my favorites rapidshare and mediafire, and it's based in Russia, so I can't see them being intimidated by US or European police, and I can't imagine the Russian police giving a shit about US or EU copyrights. Just a thought.

x said...

Appreciate all the hard work mutant men..!!
Wonderful blog.