Sunday, June 15, 2008


The band Kracq was formed in 1977 by members of the band King's Ransom (Twan van der Heijden, Cees Michielsen and Bert Vermijs) and Jos Hustings then operating under the name Carmine Queen. This directly gives the explanation for the name of the band: King's Ransom And Carmine Queen. With Bert Vermijs on piano, string, synthesizer, clavinet and vocals; Jos Hustings on guitar and vocals; Cees Michielsen on drums and percussion and Twan van der Heiden on bass guitar and percussion and a few additional musicians they recorded Circumvision in 1978. This was their first and only studio album; later only a live album and an obscure 'cellar tapes trilogy', with a different formation, was released. The album was released in a limited edition of only 500 vinyl LP's through the Dutch Pop Promotion Foundation, but by 1979 the band already split up again.Very much reminiscent of Finch,Supersister,Alquin,etc,though much more experimental in parts reminding Zappa,Gongish freaked out jazzy compositions,and in solo parts some Vangelis like symponic moments.
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kingpossum said...

Hoi Mutant,
Hartelijk dank voor de Kracq LP!

Okay, that's about all I can say in Dutch. I don't know all there is to know about Dutch rock by any means, but I certainly never heard of this outfit.

Thanks again to the Mighty Mutant keeping the obscure sounds coming...


Dokimos said...

cheers guys

tmay said...

This is a real find if you can get it. Very strange in a good kind of way. Slightly disconnected, but really that's the style. From progressive to space psych, this is a very good album!