Sunday, June 22, 2008


The links for all but 9 titles that I need to personally re-up have now been plugged back into the posts properly. Those 9 will get reinstated by tomorrow. Eternal thanks once again to our blog savior Jussi! My next round of new posts will go up within 2-3 days...


Anonymous said...

i think i have: issue
2.kemialliset ystavat
5.shub niggurath cassete

jim, tell me what i can do.
can i upload some to rapishare or mediafire or (you tell me ) and after e mail the link adresses to that pantheonbar or your own e mail which i have?
psych-remia. anyway time is a thief.
paramo - LA FOLIE DU JOUR ( )

vdoandsound said...

Hi Paramo,

Thanks for the kind offer, but links for all those that you mention have already been replaced. The only ones left to re-up are:
Can-Outtake Edition
Killing Time-Bob
Jyoji Sawada-Base of Fiction
S/T-The Difficult Second Album
Denier Du Culte-L'Archange Enflamme
Toto Blanke-Spider's Dance
Dragon Blue-Hades Park


Anonymous said...

Hi mutantsounds,
just wondering if you are still planning to re-up the Jean-Louis Bucchi 'Sunflower' album as promised quite a while ago? Please tell us if you're unable to do that, and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Bucchi reup


Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous,
thanks for that, I'll download it now [and hope that it's not the same as the old one, which had some serious cd skips in part of it]
best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi jus,
unfortunately the link you gave is the exact same file that I'm waiting to be fixed and replaced. Track 3 is full of skips from about half-way, and given that, I don't have the time to listen through to see where else there might be skips. Also the sound quality is very murky - I'd be surprised if the original vinyl sounded like that.
Jim/mutantsounds said he'd fix it and re-up many months ago and I keep asking, but I don't know what's going on with that.