Saturday, June 21, 2008


First off, thanks to all who've written with kind words of support. a fellow named Raymond stated in the comment board of the Xirror disaster post that he'd be willing to chip in and help get some deleted files re-upped. If anyone else should feel similarly inspired to assist (an act I'd be eternally grateful for), please let me know soon-ish and please upload the files to massmirror. I'm endeavoring to re-up 10 files of the most recently posted titles tonight (some of which comprise two parts). They are:

ron anderson/tatsuya yoshida-first meeting

minamo-wakka & live

x ray pop-psychedelik dolls

suburban lawns-s.t.

frieder butzmann-das madchen....

jason willett & ruins-s.t.

kevin ayers-just for olde tymes sake

A friend has also told me that he'll be helping re-up these:

tangle edge-in search of a new dawn

brian sands-fixation

pimmon-orquesta del arrurruz

yclept dinmakers-eeleemon machine

I've just spent the night sifting through the blog and I think I now have a good idea of all that remains to be re-upped. In wishing to avoid any complications, I'll take care of all files that have been divided into two parts, but if anyone is willing to help re-up any of these ones, please let me know:

Messehalle-Live Auf Dem Extase Festival 29.1.81
V.A.-Non Dom
Barry Dalive-homely all american...
Franco Battiato-Juri Camisasca-Osage Tribe-la convenzione
Junji Hirose & Yoshihide Otomo-silanganan ingay
Czechoslovak Radio Jazz Orchestra And The Blue Effect Group
Kohichi Makigami-minzoku no saiten
Denier Du Culte-L'Archange Enflamme EP
Alfred 23 Harth-Anything Goes
Kido Natsuki-disco space baby!
Total Issue-s.t
Novo Tono-s.t.
Toni Esposito-Gente Distratta
Toto Blanke-Spider's Dance
Dragon Blue-Hades Park
V.A.-Riddle Of Lumen
Foehn-Insideout Eyes
Ur Kaos-s.t.
V.A.-Four Ways Out
Kemialliset Ystavat-Nuu Ha Ni Haka
Bene Gesserit-Music For The Fun Of It
Encore + Grande-total bliss
Killing Time-Bob
Phew-Our Likeness
Les Progres II-Apres Le Retour
Strange Fruit Abiku-Sin Eaters Picnic
V.A.-City & Industry
Hoyry-kone-Hyonteisia Voi Rakastaa
Gameboyzz Orchestra Project-Lajv_Ad_Hom
Kosmonautentraum-Livorno 1956
Komintern-Le Bal Du Rat Mort
V.A.-Four French Forms
P-Model-In A Model Room
Steaming Coils-Breaded
Static Effect-Certain Random Firings
Earwax Control-s.t.
Shub Niggurath-s.t.-cass.

Please email these massmirror links to: and I'll get them re-posted right away.

A million thanks in advance....



chaoticreason said...

I can re-up many of your posts,but am not to sure which one's you need re upping.
Thank you for all your hard work.
Vas deferens is up there with Faust.

Anonymous said...

I just realized you can browse those Xirror links via Google Cache. They still have their old links.

Put the filename into google, eg.

click google cache, and you get