Sunday, June 8, 2008


For my money, next to the Barry Dalive LP I hoisted a few weeks back, pride of place in RRRecords' extensive catalog of releases would have to go to this charming French minimal synth/art pop unit's vinyl debut (or is it their second outing?....hard to tell, given that both came out in '87). This was one of RRRon's earliest releases on his legendary imprint (before noise aesthetics became firmly cemented as their remit) and it's a lovely cocktail of blippy shimmy, seductive femme vox, tinking rhythm box and periodic guitar muscle.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, this is my first message on your site and i want to thank you for all the obscure stuff that you put on it.
Very good idea to put the first X-Ray Pop LP !! He's really good, but i highly recommend all the early 7"s like "L'eurasiene", "alcool" and "DS". After the "Musky Muscle" LP from 1989 have some good songs too.
There also "Cosmofuzz ballroom" LP and "Welcome to my guinea" LP that i'm searching for years .... never saw them anywhere ..... if you have them fell free to share them please !!

Anonymous said...

sounds great morning and night. Thanks!

fuzztunnel said...

...and yet another piece of the "Stereolab's Influences" puzzle falls neatly into place.

Anonymous said...

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Nuke Plant Aerials said...

As a french listener, I can tell you a bit about the lyrics on this record. They are quite funny, very child-ish form time to time.. On "oh Oui j'aime", all the singer does is tell her favorite meals and recipes ! At the end of side A, she says something like "This side is over, flip to the other one, it's only waiting for you".
Another track is about nightlife in Paris and subways in the morning...

Really a nice record, too bad they weren't successful..

By the way would you add me to your favs ? I'll do the same for you.


Interesting blog, really

Anonymous said...

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Ti Maria Benta said...

File not found.
can you upload it again? thanks

Anonymous said...

R Ray Pop - Dream Machine