Sunday, June 21, 2009


Following my posts of the first two volumes of this ongoing (?) compilation series, here's the long awaited third installment, and as was the case with the previously posted volumes, this was issued as a set of four 3" CDR's in a boxset, each containing one artist per disc and each installment limited to 50 copies. And now on to the contents at hand:

DISC 1: Nether Dawn & Little Skull-A Dog's Hair Reverie
Fragile, desolate and wandering electric guitar duets that ultimately rouses itself from it's heat haze mirage dreamtime reverie and launches into an unexpected barrage of coruscating subterranean desolation vibes. Interesting moves from two fixtures of the New Zealand underground; one being Nether Dawn's Antony Milton (who also operates under the monikers A.M. & Myrtu and runs the Pseudoarcana imprint), the other Dean Brown, who's issued a CDR on Milton's label as well as two impossible to find lathe cut polycarbonate discs.

DISC 2: C.J.A.-Ich Lieb
Clayton Noone is another long time fixture on the Kiwi sub-underground free rock scene, having released numerous outings under both the C.J.A. heading and as Armpit, Wolfskull, The Futurians etc. While grokking the concept of worn/distressed/deliberately poor quality audio as a viable artistic stance, I can't say I got too hot and bothered over this one, but if depressive loner fuzz guitar wanderings recorded on a dictaphone wrapped in cotton wool sounds like your speed, feel free to differ.

DISC 3: Pefkin-The Other Room
aka Gayle from Boa Melody Bar distribution's sweetly quizzical project. Delicately naif in approach, this is a cockeyed drift of accordion, acoustic guitars and chimes/bells/metals periodically (if gently) rent by surrealist atmospheric disturbance.

DISC 4: Bjerga/Iverson-Cosmic Recovery
The umpteenth release by this prolific Norwegian duo of Sindre Bjerga and Jan-Morten Iversen (the former having been featured in last weeks singles post as part of the Kjertl Del Brondo group), these two having issued a flood of micro-press CDR releases across a raft of notable sub-underground imprints over the last several years, and it's a fascinating narcotic soup of subterranean malevolence that these two have cooked up here; one in which I can hear the ghosted/decayed remnants of everything from Zoviet France to Uton to Peter Jefferies within. Highly fascinating work and for my money, the clear standout of this compendium.

Get Nether Dawn and Little Skull via Megaupload Here
Get C.J.A. via Megaupload Here
Get Pefkin via Megaupload Here
Get Bjerga_Iverson via Megaupload Here



jay said...

Managed to get the last 2 last night, but today all 4 links are dead.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Alex Cobb? And fuck Students of Decay?

How are we supposed to hear this music when it was limited to 50 copies? I tried to order a copy from Aquarius a LOOOOOOOONG time ago (back in 2007) and they were sold out. So it's not like I didn't try to buy this. What gives?

I'm sure Alex Cobb of SOD downloads OTHER PEOPLE'S STUFF on this blog without complaining.

Hopefully we can have a lively discussion on this post removal of a "limited to 50 copies" item over the next week or so.

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-I'm not entirely keen on a flame war breaking out over this issue, salient though certain of your points may be. This Cobb fellow has every right to hold this attitude about the material that he's issued, as does anyone. I of course always prefer to be dealt with on a human to human level about these sorts of things (going directly to "the man" just ain't my style), but I'm only to happy to do the bidding of artists/labels and delete offending titles, if it's theirs to withhold. Suffice to say that some folks finds adjusting to massive social paradigm shifts about the nature of information and it's dissemination more difficult than others. And so they lose a certain degree of visibility for themselves or their artists by attempting to forestall the the spread of such information in "unauthorized" ways. Oh well. Their loss. It's not like there is any shortage of other things on MS to
replace the attention that might otherwise be afforded these artists/labels....

fuzztunnel said...

"Suffice to say that some folks finds adjusting to massive social paradigm shifts about the nature of information and it's dissemination more difficult than others."

Yup, very well put. There's also the fear of lost profits at work. It's funny to think that people who believe deeply in capitalism and thus can't handle the idea of something for nothing are, ironically, the very same people who don't think that capitalism will eventually figure out a way to make money within a new information-dissemination paradigm. Oh ye of little faith!

Anonymous said...

There's also the fear of lost profits at work.

Since all copies sold out in 2007, there can be no lost profit. The label owner cannot profit since he sold all 50 copies to 50 presumably different individuals. So only the individuals who were lucky enough to get an original copy back in 2007 will be able to directly profit.

On eBay these three volumes will always fetch a pretty penny simply because a digital copy doesn't come close to replacing the gorgeous, deluxe packaging of the originals.

Anonymous said...

Is o.k, I don't think my life is going to be any less complete without this. If they want to horde it, more power to them. I need not say where they can put it....

fuzztunnel said...

"There's also the fear of lost profits at work."

I was speaking in a more general sense, not specifically about this event but about the whole mp3 "piracy" issue in general, but I can see how that could have been misinterpreted.

Anonymous said...

Antony Milton here. I would LOVE for this- at least the Nether Dawn part- to be available for free download here. Surely it is the artists who retain the rights to this work and I agree that as its sold out that there are no profits to be lost.

To correct one vital fact from the blurb however I was joined on this recording by Dean Brown, not Dean Roberts. Dean Brown is a member of NZ free noise band Nova Scotia and the man behind the AMAZING Little Skull records.

Best wishes from Iquitos, Peru...

vdoandsound said...

Hi there Antony,

Good to hear from you and sorry about both the snafu on the Dean Brown/Dean Roberts thing and for (eegads!) getting your first name spelled incorrectly (both since remedied). Rather then re-post the Creeping Dawn box (since SOMEONE involved felt it was not to be shared and I've no desire to stir the shit) if you'd like to proffer other material of yours (and I know there's no shortage
:-) for share on Mutant Sounds, I'd be happy to post some of it. Feel free to get in touch at


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I guess I'll never ever hear whatever this was. For shaame. Looked fun.

Tristan said...

Hey gang, I'd love if someone could re-up the CJA and/or anything else of his.
It would be very appreciated.