Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm happy to announce the long awaited release of the remastered CD version of the debut cassette by pitch black French avant prog titans Shub Niggurath. This tape was shared many moons ago on MS (link long since pulled) and caused about as big of a stir as anything thats ever been shared here. Now, the exceptional French imprint Soleil Zeuhl (who brought you the extraordinary reissues of Archaia, Dun and Rialzu, amongst others) has seen fit to gift the world with a proper issue of this cornerstone piece of R.I.O. malevolence, remastered flawlessly by Israel's Udi Koomran, who's engineered and produced albums by Present, Dave Kerman/5uu's etc. Formal release details can be found on the label's site Here and the CD can be purchased from the fine folks at Wayside Here

To help inaugurate this event, here are three eye popping videos from Shub Niggurath's Frank Fromy for you to goggle at:

zombie cortex

a bot life

la quadrature du cercle


Anonymous said...

Fortunate enough to have discovered this blog in January 2007, I already had the digitized Shub Niggurath tape which you posted backed up on a CDR. I just transferred it back from CDR to my hard drive to give it another listen.

Totally amazing and delirious. Take Bowie's schizophrenic piano solos from "Aladdin Sane," add a coked-out Miles Davis, sleep-deprived Jimi Hendrix and a possessed, traumatized Christina Carter (Charalambides) and you get the picture.

If Dr. Stone Pothead ever hears this, I fear he'll never, ever recuperate.

turgut said...

SilverainTR is back on blogger!
May you add the link ?

elektro said...

Hi, please, a request:

Can you re-upload this amazing and very hard to find lp in your fantastic music blog?:

V/A:The Thing From The Crypt, LP, 198Z, UK

The download link expired long time ago...


sprazzo said...

Hello Mutants! Do you have this record -> Bizarre Leidenschaft - Geheimnis ? Thanks for your great work! Keep on!

Anonymous said...

I've already reuploaded the link for "V/A:The Thing From The Crypt, LP, 198Z, UK" a long time ago. I sent it to Jim or Eric. It's not the first time it's been a dead link. Not doing it again. Sorry. Someone else can. I think it had more than 1000 downloads, so surely some other people who have been visitors since January 2007 can help too.

elektro said...

To Anonymous:

I understand your attitude about "V/A:The Thing From The Crypt, LP, 198Z, UK"... anyway thank you for your reply.

Mediafire links have less life than rapidshare or megaupload links (the best option to upload an archive in the net).


Electric Voodoo said...


fuzztunnel said...

Hey, Elektro80s, here's a link to "V/A:The Thing From The Crypt, LP, 198Z, UK"

JackRamon said...


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elektro said...

Hello, only I wanted to be grateful for his detail to Fuzztunnel, THANK YOU for the new links,


jer0nim0 said...

R.I.P Hugh Hopper :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

In the past, I have been one of the anonymous posters who have helped reupload a dozen or more expired links.

Can you please post the last volume of Creeping Dawn (Vol. 3) if you're feeling up to it? God knows I've been patient. :O)

It's good to see any new posts from you, but at the same time, the last volume you posted (#2) was posted almost a year ago (July 2008).

Not sure why this one has gotten swept under the rug for almost the last 365 days.

Thanks either way. Hope you are well.

bazounga said...

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GRK. said...

Glad to see that first Shub cassette on disc. I cherish my original copy.

chelsea said...

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