Sunday, June 21, 2009


The first album by this astonishing Spanish prog crew (whose album link has sadly been down for ages elsewhere in the blogosphere) is filled to the brim with soaring and frequently dizzyingly dense ethno prog/fusion moves that remind me of both Yugoslavia's R.M. Tocak and their fellow spanish prog traveller Gualberto, but with an eccentric and whimsically wandering (almost R.I.O.-like) approach to structure. The resulting mix, filled with dense pointillistic clusters of jazzy micro-activity and haunting symphonic prog themes is cut by subtly avant garde-ish strategies in a way that reminds me most of Italian avant prog titans Picchio Dal Pozzo. A thing to marvel at.

Note: this link has been deleted, as I somehow stupidly managed to overlook that Forced Exposure still had copies of the CD reissue, which can be found Here


Portable Me said...

Rapidshare has not functioned at all well for anything recently. The only thing that will get me renewiing my subscription is the 5+ GB of stuff I have there. Heaven knows how much you have.

Anonymous said...

Mutant Sounds is the best blog ever!

We're Late For Class said...

Dear Fellow Mutants,

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As Always... Thanks,

Anonymous said...

One of my favourite albums, special.

connie said...

i have a whole bunch of spanish (mayari) 78 lps, do you anyone interested in buying them or a website that may be interested?
please let me know:

Anonymous said...

Very good album! Thanks!


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predicaciones cristianas said...

This is One of my favourite albums, i so special for me.

Juegos de Mario Bros said...

This is a great album.

Anonymous said...

A rather good sounding version of this album is currently on YouTube for anyone who really wants to hear it like I was. The whole album too! I'm on the first track and I'm speechless. Love it.