Monday, June 1, 2009

THE SPOOZYS-Astral Astronauts,cd, 2002,Japan

" techno-flavored take on punk-rock from Tokyo, for all you ongaku otakus (music freaks) out there. Random keyboard noises and disjointed arrangements will surely keep them from playing the next snowboarding/punk-rawk festival in California. A very playful attack, like almost everything this little island has issued in the past few years (with the exception of Merzbow, Aube, and the Incapacitants, who all specialize in punishing noise, designed to test the strength of your speakers). Not un-like a less manic Melt Banana, or Devo. Engaging. "
review by Jason Thornberry for Cosmic Debris
As requested, more synth pop Japanese way greatness!

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Anonymous said...

not sure if that belongs here to be honest. if that's the full length 'astral astronauts' LP and not the single, it's the US licensed release...