Monday, October 3, 2011


From his early rhythmic electronic confections on Sky Records to a vast discography of subsequent radical (and frequently very abstract) sonic interventions, Asmus Tietchens remains one of the towering figures in recent German electronic music history, and one whom I've shared work under multiple guises by before. Speiseleitung was his second horn lock (following 1993's DBL_FDBK CD) with fellow arch avant garde-ist David Lee Myers, whose hand-made feedback generators and processors formed the basis of his work, a perfect pairing in the sense of Tietchens' own claim to make "absolute music", i.e. music without recourse to any other frames of reference. Together, they funhouse-mirror reflect whistling peals and tintinnabulation tangles of feedbacking excrescence through the ether in each others general direction.

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elmer68 said...

Thank you so much for posting this! Two masters of experimental music/noise. I have not heard this release in years. More Asmus please!

RickK said...

yes, more asmus and I also like arcane device. cool post