Sunday, October 2, 2011

V.A. -Never Trash A Pretty Face, tape ,1986,GREECE

Excellent lo-fi DIY compilation from Greece,released in Thessaloniki, in 1986, through the Rollin Under fanzine and the radio station Radio Utopia. Musically it varies from late 70s-early 80s punk/anarcho punk with greek lyrics,garage punk, to post punk sounds and some minimal synth.


A1 Keli 13 - Ploio Stasiastwn

A2 Keli 13 - Mavra yalia

A3 Aganaktismeni Polites - Mesos Anthropos

A4 Aganaktismeni Polites- Favlos Kiklos

A5 Venericna Bolest - Piriniko Katafigio

A6 Venericna Bolest - Antithourios

A7 Allothi - Pente Lepta Prin

A8 Adreas Troussas & Aprosopoi - Na se kala

B1 After Death - The Exorcist

B2 After Death - The Birth of Darkness

B3 Final Solution - Point of View

B4 Final Solution - Trip

B5 Red Fuzz - Faraway

B6 Red Fuzz - That Love

B7 Drowned Girl - Electric Dog

B8 Apontes "Filoi" - Aimomixias paidia Latremena

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Holly said...

Looks interesting - thank you!

teo said...

Please, upload the other lazy dog tapes if you can.

The Visitor said...

Sweet Memories From Another Time...
Thank You Very Much My Friend For This Great Tape.

Mob said...

just great thanks!!!!anti-werewolf greece

Mob said...

Back to wonder wild days..................cheeeeeeeeeeers!!!!

zoi va said...

if you have more pleaseeeee upload! thanks for this one !

Anonymous said...

B8 Apontes "Filoi" - Aimomixias paidia Latremena < - extremely intresting - i'd like to hear more from them.

tentas said...

super thanx