Monday, October 17, 2011


Suitably blasted and introverted one man bedroom freak folk wander and stereo-panned string fumble from this one time member of Vermonster. Life Less Lost emerged in tandem with the first wave of artists flying a flag for a lo-fi and rawly immediate post-Incredible String Band aesthetic; in the process, ploughing a furrow that was being simultaneously worked at the time by folks like Six Organs Of Admittance and The Tower Recordings, both of whom the work Joshua Burkett's tunes bears traces of, albeit with enthusiasm sometimes trumping finesse.

Note: I've just been informed by the nice folks at Spirit Of Orr that this CD is in fact still in print and available from them (as is Joshua Burkett's Owlsleavesrustling LP), but they've generously allowed for the download link below to remain posted. Please check this great record out and then considering heading over to Spirit Of Orr here and picking up an original of this for yourselves.

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tek said...

THANKYOU!!! What a wonderful surprise... and so well timed with the change of seasons.

Gold Cosmos is one of my favorite albums. I must have listened to the song "Wisps' Pacing" about a thousand times literally. I've always been mystified as to why JB isn't more widely appreciated - his music is so excellent. I guess he is just too underground. You definitely put your finger on it putting JB into context as presaging the "New Weird America" movement - I like to think of JB as a bridge between the first few Sebadoh albums (and the other lesser known late 80's / early 90s contemporaries of that ilk) and the aforementioned new millennium neo-freak folk.

Now that I have this one, the last of his solo albums that I have yet to hear is his debut "Owl Leaves Rustling" (hint hint! Oh to be so lucky, hint!).

Thank you once again for all of your efforts. I find myself thanking the audiophilic dieties of the ether for Mutant Sounds much more often than i find myself leaving comments saying the same, but this album couldn't go without a word of thanks.

peace friends...

Jeremy said...

Owl Leaves Rustling was reissued on vinyl not too long ago by Spirit of Orr, & copies are still available:

Nick Williams said...

Josh Burkett is truly golden. His has been weavingy a nearly invisible thread across New England music for years. Hopefully a few new folks will be turned onto his music from this post. Be sure to check out his amazing shop, Mystery Train Records, if your ever in Amherst, MA. He's also been putting out a bunch of really great LPs (reissues, compilations, new stuff):

ACIDOUS said...

this a weird and unknown project from Mexico.

download link:

your blog it's awesome, i love weird music and you have evertyhing of anything. thank you so much for promote this art.