Monday, October 17, 2011


Overlooking the unfortunate spelling of their name (which presumably carries different and better connotations in Poland than it does here in the U.S.), this proto-prog spectacular from the nascent Polish underground scene sounds remarkably advanced for something emerging from these temporal coordinates. This crew were evidently steeped in both Brian Auger & Trinity and Vanilla Fudge, the first of which I can attest to, the latter of which seems mostly evident in the lashings of organ that suffuse these tracks, though Klan lack the dumbo DNA at the core of Vanilla Fudge's aesthetic, replacing it with a specifically East Euro tack from that era that's also audible in Yugoslavian proto-prog artifacts by the likes of Korni Grupa and Time; a sort of rustic and gruff proto-prog surface under which exists a goodly bit of musical nuance and sophistication.

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DanP said...

Oy, that description's irresistable...("a sort of rustic and gruff proto-prog surface under which exists a goodly bit of musical nuance and sophistication")

mietek said...

this music was meant as part of a ballet/visual performance, the main part i guess.

here you can find their 2nd album, "Po co mi ten raj", from 1992 (!!!) in a lossless format. one awesome band, by all standards. and yes, no KKK connotations whatsoever - its just Polish for 'a clan' or 'caste' or 'clique'. their leader, Marek Alaszewski, is a painter. and he only can afford to waste his time/money on making music once every 20 years, as far as i know.

aakash said...

thank you friend i find your blog very informative


paweł andryszczyk said...

so happy that i found your blog and this music!
im form poland, i've been listening to some polish
prog-rock but never hear of this band.
kudos and wish you the best with your blog!

mietek said...

out of the blue:
1. a CD of Klan's unreleased 1971 recordings was, er, released a couple of weeks ago ("Senne Wędrówki", on GAD Records, with a very good booklet in English)
and 2. a new album, entitled "Laufer", is finished and due to be out any day now

roulette en ligne said...

J'ai écouté de la musique dans ce style, mais pour un temps à écouter très fort

Unknown said...

So glad to have this on vinyl. :)