Sunday, October 2, 2011

V.A.-The Class of '81,LP,UK,1980

Excellent and rediculously rare UK DIY compilation , with great amaturish punk,powerpop and post punk tunes.Released iun 1980 under Upper Class label.


A1 Void– Pop Love

A2 Exeros–Accident

A3 The Troopers–Love You

A4 Emil & The Detectives–Girl

A5 Bino–Dream (For My Sake)

B1 Picasso's Optician–Given Up Frying

B2 The Fringe–New Day

B3 Emil & The Detectives–Instant Magnet

B4 Exeros–Chita

B5 The Innocent Vicars–Starship 22

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W. said...

I loved this little flurry of compilations - I'd never heard of any of them. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, getting the hear these obscure UK DIY comps is great! Thanks!

vi said...

Great listening. I'm so glad I added this to my collection.

Eli Horwatt said...

Ok, the first Void song borrows its riff from somewhere but I can't for the life of me remember where. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

meltedrubbersoul said...

Welcome back, and as usual, thank you.

Anonymous said...

that would most probably be a Motors tune called "Airport" Eli... we were all produced by Bram Tchaikovski, who must have lurked in the shadows behind a couple of the bands as he had with Motors... :)

Eli Horwatt said...


Graham Cowling said...

I am Graham, the Guitarist from the Void; the Riff was devised by Kim Fenton the singer, and I arranged the song. I doubt if Kim had thought about the motors song as he could only play "one finger guitar". However, your observation about the Airprot song is truer than you think; I spotted the similarity. During the recordign session, produced by Bram Tchaikovsky from the Motors himself, I proceeded to play "Airport" on the piano, over the top of this Void riff - I think I annoyed Bram - sorry mate