Monday, October 3, 2011


More unreleased archival post punk goodness from the deep recesses of the Aussie early 80's scene (courtesy, long ago, of Phil Turnbull of the superb No Night Sweats site on Aussie underground music), and it's some pretty prescient goodness at that, with Maestros And Dipsos seeming to have both absorbed some of the least wayward lessons from The Raincoats and used that logic to create tunes that seem to anticipate the sound of (early) Throwing Muses in the process. I feel well assured that this traces forward to other less savory dimensions of femme-y indie-land jangle with its relatively unfettered musical stance (I wouldn't care to plumb those depths to make sure I'm right), but at this stage of the game, it's still a pretty damn agreeable set of sounds and associations and one that'll undoubtedly grip lots of you.

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Unknown said...

good stuff!
mmm,yes agree with your understandable reluctance to plumb the depths of femme indie.A genre full of misguided miscreants.
p.s....any chance you could put a link to Die or DIY? blog in your blog roll par chance?

Gordon R said...

1982 to the best of my recollection. Gordon Renouf, drums/ocaisonal sax

Britches Barnaby said...

thanks! diggin' this

angel baby said... anyone else having the problem of only getting tracks 17 to 26? :(

Anonymous said...

hey angel baby I'm seeing the same...but as the file is only about 60MB I think it's supposed to be that way

Anonymous said...

...among the bunch of reissues, why hasn't this material still been released / pressed on vinyl? a true shame... :-/

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