Sunday, February 4, 2007

Dave Ball-In strict tempo,LP, 1983,UK

After splitting up Soft Cell, Dave Ball released , through Some Bizarre label, this rare and magickal lp.Contributions by Genesis P. Orridge(Psychick TV), Gavin Friday (Virgin Prunes), Virginia Astley, amongst others. A lost masterpiece!


a2h said...

You have a great blog. I just discovered it the other day.

I was wondering if by any chance you had any material by the punk group The Afflicted or The Afflicted Man. Rather obscure stuff, but that's what you seem to specialize in. Any help would be amazing!


armeur H said...

this is another gem you provide to us ! thanx a lot !

Anonymous said...

god!! thanks a lot for this CD!! Dave Ball.fantastic!!!
when i listen this a first time it was a lot of rears ago... maybe 15 years?

Anonymous said...

i was 16 years old and i listen a lot this record especially the track very short "it's only time"

thanks (please sometimes use another uploader... if you find another good one ! )

Anonymous said...

Have this one on vinyl. Thanks for uploading. Now I can play it in my cdplayer.

Anonymous said...

Poly oraio album tou dave ball. Tha doume kai kanena 1o psychic tv, kanena throbbing gristle?

Anonymous said...

Dead link

Anonymous said...

could this link be re uploaded
thanks again for this blog.

Anonymous said...

Could you repost it?? Please!!!

Anonymous said...

another repost request

Anonymous said...

get it here ; not working. Mind uploading this Dave Ball release again. End of the yerar 'Nostalgia', I guess.
However, many other great things to go moody through the coming days. GREAT!
Wouldn't an alphabetical list be an option rather then going through the uploading dates list. The sheer mass of worthy things is certainly great, but who has the time to go through it all and who might find actuall all meeting ones taste?
However, great job you've done and sure will continue.

best for 2009


zombie worm said...


First, I really like your blog. It has a lot of interesting things.

The link in the post is dead so I searched and got it here: