Friday, February 2, 2007

The Ex- 'Pokkeherrie' ,LP, 1985,Netherlands

"The Ex, with 'Pokkeherrie' have produced a masterful killer weaponof raw power that rattles up the spine into numbed pink brain cells and fills the vacuum with social issue. "
"They've done it again. While they maintain melody, dissonance, moodiness, and a hard edge, they continue to grow and encompass many styles. (...) Their integrity is rock hard and dependable."
Possibly their best LP.Avant punk at it's best!


Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot! Rare music.

ROOKSBY said...

Been a while since I heard this, rather great as I remember it? Don't suppose you have their Too Many Cowboys LP do you, I can find it anywhere? Many thanks...

Leonardo said...

Thank from extreme south of brasil.
A hugh!

Anonymous said...

Lotz of thanx for all the sunshine you spread :)
This one is great too! and for me everything is fine, but bit vague what yr policy is..
since the whole (immense) Ex catalogue (and much more cool stuff) is available (still diy, really friendly prices) at their site:
cheers, Apekool