Friday, February 9, 2007

Ilitch-Rainy House,LP(pic disc)+CD-r, France,2005(recordings from 1978/250 copies)

"The latest release by Ilitch (a limited edition of 250) collects material recorded from the late ’70s right up through the present, although many of the older pieces were tweaked, modified and remixed along the way. Ilitch is Thierry Mόller, French electronic/experimental composer who released a number of albums in the late ’70s and early ’80s, and has recently become active again. The first six tracks on Rainy House are the six parts of the haunting minimalist suite Chambre, a stark, introspective piece performed on an old, slightly detuned piano, accented with sonic filters, fuzz and studio treatments. A progression of several chords are played in repetition with slight variation and slow evolution, adding various effects and timing delays as it goes. Comparable at times to some of Battiato’s late ’70s minimalist work, this actually develops a lot more variation throughout its duration and is thus far more interesting. The remaining two cuts (on the CDR) seem to be of more recent vintage, the first a 15 minute workout of swirling experimental sounds and textures, where Mόller is joined by Julien Blaine on voice, kazoo, and Jew's harp. The final track features several tracks of sounds coming from a skipping CD mixed together at various intervals. While Hors Temps/Out of time was a more song-based release, Rainy House embodies the more experimental side of Ilitch's work." - Peter Thelen,
Note: links removed at the request of the artist.


Loopy C said...

Alright, I quit my job and have taken to wearing diapers to keep up with you, keep the NWW and electronics coming bro!

I may have some recontexualised mixtapes of the 'Mutant Sound' material soon, 'phase one' for the first five of them is finished, I will let you know ;-)

A side note: I hear a 'boxset' of 'Ghedalia Tazartes' is out. Thanks for turning me on to this lunatic genius, I am going to have to track this set down.

musicgnome said...

Geez!!!! That's all I got.