Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Steaming Coils and Fibonaccis fans take heed! Though this extraordinary compendium slipped under the radar of most all but the L.A. scenesters that knew Zinder, this is one of the key pieces of the L.A. underground music scene extant. Zinder (who sadly passed away in the mid 90's after being hit by a car) was a central fixture of said scene. A writer, club promoter, musician, gadfly and bon vivant, Zinder exerted a powerful influence on all those he interacted with, as attested to by the raft of L.A. scene luminaries that share their anecdotes in the accompanying booklet. To quote an Option Magazine review: "...Zinder was a unique taste maker whose penchant for obscure soundtracks, underground weirdness and international pop prefigured the current trend toward lounge, surf and bachelor-pad music". With this archival CD, Zinder's extraordinary musical endevours (only published on a cassette release during his lifetime) are finally available to clue the rest of the world in to what a gifted creature he was. His band Stay Home (featuring Spencer Savage from Steaming Coils' first era and Fibonaccis' percussionist Joseph Berardi), whose tunes occupy the vast majority of this CD, were a seminal unit whose music will have immense and instantaneous appeal for all those attuned to the subtly skewed. Self described as sounding like "Italian spy movie sound-tracks done by a fifth grade jazz combo", I'd be hard pressed to offer a better thumbnail description of Stay Home's sensibility. With it's archly ironic approach, It's a sound that tidily holds the mid-ground between The Fibonaccis campily mannered perambulations and the cooly detached maneuvers of Australia's Essendon Airport. Just brilliant. The four Bufadora tracks that fill out the end of this disc offer a different window into Zinder's universe, exploring his Can-induced fixation on hypnotic grooves; all entirely nice, but it's Stay Home that's gonna end up sticking to your bones. Not to be missed.

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PSI said...

Thanks a lot...this is soo cool.

Metagnathous said...

I remember reading that Option magazine article back then and thinking he sounded like an interesting guy.

Thanks for the opportunity to listen to some of his stuff. Much appreciated.

Mr Fab said...

Appropriate that I dl-ed this one on Thanksgiving - I think that's when he was killed by a drunk driver.

I never knew much about his own music. Around LA, he was mainly known for his notorious club Fuzzyland, which would take place at strange places like old bowling alleys spinning exotica, Bollywood, etc, and for his radio appearances on stations like KCRW - track 1 is from Tom Schnable's still-running show.

He's definitly missed, thanks muchly for this.

paff said...

Yeaaa...thats fantastic!!
Great work! Thanks

Holly said...

I've been looking for this for _years_. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of reposting these my friend? Thanks!