Thursday, November 1, 2007

Plamp-... Und Uberhaupt ...,LP,1979,Switzerland

Great Swiss prog/psych LP.Much use of keyboards,flute and excellent guitarwork ,combined with a very emotional voice.Unfortunatelly no much infos were found ,so any more info will be much appreciated.

get it here


Anonymous said...


hoelk said...

nice thing, but track 6 is quite fucked (repeated moments of silence, first one at ~40sec)
think you can get a proper rip?

also the kind of error would suggest that its rather a cd than an lp rip?

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for this great album.
my track 6 cuts out early into the song. please could you upload a corrected track 6 if possible?

Anonymous said...

Ohne uns zu fragen schämt euch^^

Anonymous said...

it's good ! did they release anything more ?