Saturday, November 24, 2007

Walter Marchetti - Vandalia,CD,1989,Italy

Walter Marchetti (born in 1931) is an Italian composer who adopted John Cage's dadaist aesthetic and pioneered interactive and concrete music. In 1964 he formed the ZAJ group (a sort of European version of Fluxus) with Juan Hidalgo in Madrid. He still active, producing music and performances.
(from Discogs)
Great fluxus / concrete CD.Not quite sure if this is still in print.Any attempt to order it failed in most known retailers.
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frostymug said...

Side One is 33'22" long! I didn't think that was possible on an LP.

mutantsounds said...

frostymug--->it is mentioned tht this is a CD

Anonymous said...

La Monte Young's "Dream House" LP has two sides which are about 38 minutes each. And that came out in 1973 or '74.

mm1 said...

well, i'm in italy and i could confirm you that all cramps cds are out of print.

Anonymous said...

hi mr mutant sound,
thanks as ever for this and the great blog in general. got one question re track two the track perpetuum mobile - when i play this there are short gaps [around 10 to 20 seconds] of silence scattered throughout the 28 minutes of this track. is this normal or has it downloaded wrong. i guess the former and it is some kind listen to the world around you type fluxus joke but wanted to ask anyway.
thanks and keep the great great music coming.

Anonymous said...

hi mr mutant sound
back again so soon after my question re the silence.

after further investigation i find that the silences are indeed put there to make the lsitener listen to thier own environment ala cage but perhaps more successful as the silences appear whilst the ear has already been trained to listen to the unepxected and juxtaposed.

sorry to trouble. did i saw this is a fantastic blog...? it is a fantastic blog. discovered the sperm on here a couple of days ago. something i have been wanting to hear for a long time.

i dont know you but i feel like i owe you...

warmest regards