Saturday, November 24, 2007


Ivories was Fisher's final salvo of inspired weirdity before devoting his life to the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and churning out a spate of flakey new age albums. Surely a weird career trajectory, though no odder than his previous musical path; one that led him from prog rock key pounder in Morgan to Mott The Hoople sideman to purveyor of smurfy Residential madness under The Hybrid Kids moniker (both of those previously posted here) and finally, turning out this little gem, whose bite sized morsels of of lopsided whimsy resides somewhere between the suave quirkiness proffered by French eccentric Luc Marianni and the sort of screw-loose rapid-fire synthy manevers employed by Japanese kook Kimitaka Matsumae. Note: the jacket lists a non-existant 4 second long final track at the end of side B. Just so you know why the listing on the cover and the track count don't correspond. That wacky prankster, Morgan...
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Red Bol said...

Thanks dudes, a hard to find gem even in this age. Got it on vinyl but dont have a record player that works ;-)

Anonymous said...

the artwork reminds me of "Amok" 12'' by german proto-Rammstein act LEDERNACKEN. Is that the same photograph by a boy on the cover artwork?

Anonymous said...

With a little time finally back to enjoy the finer things, this will be on my to-listen listen for sure.

MUCH, MUCH thanks,

Anonymous said...


I remember one more Fisher extravaganza: an album called Miniatures, which consisted entirely of pieces one minute long.

Can't remember if this came out before or after The Residents' Commercial Album (which, of course, relies on the same concept).

I don't think I have it anymore, though.


Marc (Canada)

Anonymous said...

i also still have this on vinyl. a very nice piece of music that is. highly recommended!

Anonymous said...

thanx from urkenny

Morgan Fisher said...

hahaha... if only the original reviewer had the guts to go through the changes i have!

greetings - morgan fisher

Anonymous said...

Another gem. Take a listen at the "Seasons" album if you've got it like that