Wednesday, November 21, 2007


One of the more obscure projects involving a member of Sweden's brilliant and legendary R.I.O. madmen Samla Mammas Manna, Nya Ljudbolaget (now there's a catchy moniker!) was a sort of supergroup comprised of members of Ramlosa Kvallar (another Samla-related unit, albeit one proffering much more straight ethnic folk moves) alongside Samla drummer Hans Bruniusson and Arbete Och Fritid cellist Ove Karlsson and the gorgeous sounds here sit squarely between all those poles. Anyone with an emotional investment in the various permutations of Sweden's underground music culture is sure to find much here to, as an old pal of mine like to state "tingle your tangle". Some of it's liltingly beautiful and reserved, some kicks up an ethno-rockin' storm worthy of Alamaailman Vasarat and some of it takes you to a place unique in Swedish underground music, via "Continuum Prometheus"'s 12 minutes of devastatingly lovely and trance-inducingly systemic gambits.

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kingpossum said...

Bless you Mutant! Vintage Swedish prog is bliss, and having not been aware of this offshoot it's wonderful to be introduced to it. Thank you.

Anybody who has even a mild interest in things prog needs to check this out. about that impossibly rare LP by Carsten Regild?


Anonymous said...

I've been curious about this one for some time now. Thanks for making it available!
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Excelente música, gracias maestri

Anonymous said...

thanks for this rarity - you made my day!

Anonymous said...

please post 'Saeko Suzuki - The law of the green' (1985) !!!!
I't related to moonriders of jap.
very good pop music!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for an amazing blog!

Do you happen to have Gila's Bury My Heart as an LP? I'd love to hear a vinyl rip of that album. Thanks, JI, Fin

Anonymous said...

I´d never thought I´d get to hear this one. Thank you for making it available.

Anonymous said...

How about Mannaminne?

Anonymous said...

This is so great. Thanks for posting it. Can anyone give me suggestions on things much like this. Thanks again.