Thursday, November 29, 2007


Following my post of this masterful mexican acid rock outfit's mind melting eponymous LP, here's their far more obscure follow up E.P. from three years hence; three years that saw them take a distinct step away from the Hillage/You-period Gong stylizations of their debut and toward something both a bit more jazzy and less fried, albeit still fraught with frenzied prog tension. The one review of this I could find online suggests that this is Contortions-like, which misses the mark by a mile, though the rather unique musical cocktail they've concocted here makes finding an accurate frame of reference for this a challenge. It's a suave set moves they're plying and, as with their debut, sizzling guitar licks still flutter across the surface of these constructs most enticingly. I can hear a touch of Dennis Weise/Wize's wetly glistening acid rock maneuvers during a few passages, but overall, those of you looking for a handy touchstone for these tunes will alas be left wanting. Such is the plight of the unique. Top notch proggification, whatever the case. Dig it. Thanks to Filippo for the MP3's and Steve Kenney for the cover jpegs.

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fuzztunnel said...

Thanks- I really dug the other one...

Farlac said...

cool. I have been curious to hear this one for a long time.