Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hydrus-Midnight in Space,LP,1978,Italy

Wonderful space electronic LP released by PDU label(same label as Electriktus,posted about 10 month ago here).Forget that kitch disco label.What we have here is space electronics in the traition of Ohr and Kosmische Kuriere albums,that were released in Italy by PDU label too.Not much more infos available though.

as requested,get this gem here


Anonymous said...

hello!jeah,this is good!
Sithlord from Hungary

Anonymous said...

Nice one!

Unknown said...

wow, top notch space electronics, love this Hydrus record very much, thanks again!


Anonymous said...

hi there, thanks a lot, i requested it! it's a true gem, like the Clara Mondshine luna africana!
Thanks a lot man, really dig this sound