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A sort of supergroup formed by Pasquale Minieri and Giorgio Vivaldi with help from Carlo Siliotto, all of them being past members of Canzoniere del Lazio, an interesting folk group born near Rome in the early70's that released five albums between 1973 and 1978.
The Carnascialia project, including such famous names as Mauro Pagani and Demetrio Stratos among others, just lasted for an LP and a few concerts, but the LP is a very good example of progressive italian folk music, much in the same style as Mauro Pagani's debut album. The six tracks it contains vary between traditional inspired folk-rock numbers (Canzone numero 1), vocal exercises in Area-style (Fiocchi di neve e bruscolini, with the distinctive voice of Demetrio Stratos) and are generally much influenced by an interesting mediterranean folk feeling, being an early example of "world music" from Italy.
The group also appeared in 1979's tribute concert for Demetrio Stratos, with a remake of a song from the first album of Mauro Pagani.
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Excellent proggish folk experimental LP in the known Cramps label quality!A truly mutant recording!

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Anonymous said...

Wunderbar!!! I was looking for this one for years. What about uploading Il Canzoniere del Lazio's LPs? (pre Carnascialia band)
Thank you for your great work.

Norberto said...

First track seems broken when I try to extract Carnascialia. Would you mind fix the link?